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What is the Earth Ambition Community?

Earth Ambition is an organization built to empower impactful founders and freelancers through a social entrepreneur community,  with members around the globe.  Our goal is to bring people together to discuss current topics and to share ideas of how to make a difference while making valuable and inspiring connections.

Entrepreneurs are well known for working long hours and a lack of work-life balance but the effects of this are deeper than most founders realize.  According to a study by Michael Freeman, entrepreneurs are 50 percent more likely to report having a mental health condition. With such high stakes and pressure entrepreneur’s let wellness take a back seat. Earth Ambition is determined to change this by offering online events to learn from others, wellness programs and startup courses and unwavering support from ambitious starters to make the world a better place for all.

Many entrepreneurs and freelancers will experience social isolation, unable to make time for social events while launching their projects. From lacking a relevant network to feeling lonely or misunderstood, most entrepreneurs experience changes in their social life right from the start. It’s time for you to have your own crew of likeminded founders and freelancers to give you the support you need to push through the challenges. From mastermind groups to accountability teams, events and online community, Earth Ambition will support you all along the way!

Most startups don’t fail due to a poor product or service, they fail because no one knows they exist. Most freelancers and entrepreneurs lack mentors, brand awareness, connections, trainings and more. To tackle this problem Earth Ambition offers members a mix of mentors, investor programs & pitches, media outlet connections, specific trainings and courses.

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Why Should You Join?

  • Connect with like-minded ecopreneurs and impact-driven freelancers
  • Learn business, sustainability & wellness skills through online courses
  • Meet other members during our digital event series
  • Join groups & follow topics you care about
  • Discover job opportunities aligned with your values

Member Reviews

"Earth Ambition has been such a great resource in my entrepreneurial journey. Having support and women going through similar experiences, has been amazing. The events and speakers are incredibly valuable and the wellness aspect is much needed. The team is also fantastic and really passionate about their mission."
"Earth Ambition has been a life changer in terms of finding a sense of belonging in a wonderful and supportive community. I am beyond impressed with the events, the platform, and the people involved! I definitely recommend other founders to join this community of inspiring women from all around the globe to build meaningful & lasting connections."
"I could not have discovered Earth Ambition at a better time. I was new to the Barcelona area and needed some support for a business plan I was working on at the time. Business advice wasn’t all I got from it. I’ve made a few great friends from it too. The workshops are genuinely so interesting and no matter what professional state I’m in, they always give me lots of insight and inspiration!"
Sarah Irvine
Aspiring Entrepreneur
"I think Earth Ambition is just amazing, since day one I loved the idea to share experiences and learning from each other, being surrounded by independent and strong professionals who already created their own companies or are on the way, it is so inspiring to me, I always learned a lot in the events and felt good after being there. I love being part of this community, Kelly is so kind and has so much good energy that inspires you too!"

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