Apply to be a Community Contributor!

ecopreneur community

What is a Community Contributor?

Our Contributors help nurture the ecopreneur Earth Ambition community, while also receiving benefits for their company and personal brand creating a virtuous cycle!

What’s the value of becoming a contributor?

  1. Total social media audience size: 12900+ 
  2. Average digital event size: 30-60 attendees
  3. Email Database: 2000+ users
  4. Community members: 570+ ecopreneurs and freelancers
  5. Demographics of Audience: US & EU markets, college education, ages 25 – 55, early stage founders, freelancers, impact-driven, conscious consumers, sustainable lifestyles, transitioning careers into more impactful work

What would you do?

We have two main types of community contributions:

Seed Promotion: Free for Members

  1. What we give you:
    • An article promoting your company
    • An article shared in EA community
    • 1 social share across all platforms
    • Inclusion in our monthly newsletter
  2. What you provide for us:
    • Join the EA community & setup your full profile
    • Share 1 post on the community answering questions or giving actionable tips and resources to start a conversation with members
    • Share our article on social media and link to community social media pages
    • Optional to host & promote a relevant digital event for the community

Scale Promotion: Free until end of 2021

*We will be waiving the $500 fee for our Scale Promotion until the end of 2021 to help support small businesses with COVID-19 recovery!

  1. What we give you:
    • A relevant course designed and promoted by us
    • An event promoting the course
    • An article promoting you and your company
    • Social media shares on the EA account (1 per month for 3 months)
    • A dedicated email to the EA community promoting your company, a CTA describing a way we can help support you, the course, and event
    • Access to the email database of event attendees and ongoing course participants (given during first 6 months of course being active)
  2. What you provide for us:
    • Content outline for your course
    • A 20 minute presentation during the event
    • 3 Social shares on your accounts to promote the course or event tagging the Earth Ambition and Ola Impact accounts while linking to the community 
    • Share 3 posts to the community to start a conversation and share resources