When working towards a more sustainable future, an online climate community is vital in making an idea into a reality. By meeting others with the same goals, they can be led in the right direction and network to get their message across. Since, being a founder is a lonely journey, so community members can benefit from supporting each other. Next, People face an abundance of information online and they could simply consult with another community member. By being apart of a community, people can also acquire “resources such as expertise or skills in areas you lack”. Aside from benefitting members, communities can get valuable feedback based on comments. By honing in on any issues, they can improve a product or service based on direct feedback. By joining an online community, people can meet others, collaborate and learn from each other. Therefore, we have listed our top 6 sustainable online communities building for a greener future, ranging from startups, technology, design and much more. Through this list, we hope to help you find a sustainable community that fits your needs.

Earth Ambition

Earth Ambition is a climate community dedicated to helping eco-friendly entrepreneurs and freelancers. The community was started by Kelly Rogan, who has spent the last seven years growing international startups such as Social&Loyal and being CEO of the impact-driven marketing agency, Ola Impact . She’s had numerable experiences with market expansion strategies which include ideation, implementation and the scaling phase. To add to her experience, Kelly is passionate about combining technology, business and social impact. The Earth Ambition community helps impact-driven entrepreneurs connect through monthly networking events and communication. Aside from networking, they have events such as their permaculture event to learn how to  incorporate this concept into everyday life. Additionally, we offer free courses such as email marketing, financing a startup, wellness for entrepreneurs and much more. There are different topics that are similar to forums, which include sustainability-based job opportunities as well as forums to share tips on improving wellness and to meet members. 

Earthshot Labs

Earthshot Labs is a community that scales nature-based solutions through the use of data science and AI. The CEO of Earthshot Labs is a Stanford graduate and co-founder of Rizome, a company creating sustainable lumber made from bamboo. Over the past six years, he has been focusing on carbon finance, renewable energy and agriculture. In addition to scaling nature-based solutions, Earthshot Labs are open-source, regenerative asset managers and they strive for planetary-scale climate mitigation. They want to have a creative, collaborative and Sovereign environment. New members can join a project team such as soil, water, app development and much more. Their project tech teams meet up to twice a week, hold climate presentations and interactive demo days. The purpose of the teams is simple, to work together to provide things such as sharing information on carbon storage capacities for soil, creating open-source software tools, team coordination and more. In retrospect, this community focuses on creating information to share for the benefit of others and the environment. 

Fridays for Future

This community is focused on helping young climate activists striving for a greener future. It started off with Greta Thunberg protesting in front of the Swedish parliament against climate change inaction by policy makers. At first, she protested alone but later on others joined in support of the cause. Through this team effort, Swedish officials developed policies that aligned with the Paris climate agreement. To garner more support from school kids and to begin a global school strike, they created the #FridaysforFuture hashtag. Now, she has inspired countless other school kids and activists to protest for better sustainability policies. In order to assist potential protestors, they provide a useful guide on their website on how to set up a legal strike. Additionally, they have created a strike map on their website to show and encourage others to join in. However, on the off-chance that someone may not be able to participate, they provide helpful alternatives to make a change.


This community is for people who work in tech or are interested in learning more about it. The founders came together through their mutual interest of improving the climate crisis. Members include students, managers, designers, as well as senior figures within the tech world. Through their community, they hope to learn from each other and discuss ways to take action against climate inaction. Their goal is to support  “systematic change”, to address the climate crisis. Their community structure highlights organizers, outreach and community. Organizers take care of the structure and strategy of the community. Outreach focuses on reaching new potential members. Lastly, community means having a welcoming environment with events and respectful conversations. 


The Climate Designers community focuses on meeting sustainability focused professionals. The purpose is to network, to gain inspiration and for encouragement. Furthermore, they provide resources to find impact-driven work opportunities. They encourage their members to learn how to communicate in a purposeful way. By providing the resources to learn more about policies, technology and team leadership, they hope to empower their members. Additionally, the community has the important values of being pro-human, designers as culture makers, designing for a better world, transformational system change and learning from mistakes. 


Climatebase is a community emphasizing the need to mobilize people to fight climate change. Their overall goals for the community are “climate action, education, and impact”. Their CEO, Evan Hynes, was inspired to create Climatebase after realizing the need to mobilize people towards climate solutions. From spreadsheet to career fairs, Climatebase was created to help people apply their careers towards the fight against climate change. The site provides directories for jobs and volunteer opportunities based on taking climate action. In addition, their directory for organizations informs people about companies working to solve climate change. The events directory, allows members to feel empowered and knowledgeable by attending climate events. 

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