When starting a business, many female entrepreneurs think that with a lot of hard work and dedication success will follow automatically. Which eventually will. But in between all the moments of success, there will be phases of feeling stuck in your business. That means not making progress, not growing the business, but lacking inspiration, motivation, and drive.

Especially when you are an early-stage female entrepreneur and not used to the ups and downs of being a business owner feeling stuck in your business can be frightening.

You are not sure anymore if your business idea is working if you will find the right amount of clients and -most scary – if you actually have what it takes to be a successful business owner.

Remember this:

In our last article, we explored why as female entrepreneurs feeling stuck in your business is something very normal. We discovered that ups and downs are the regular cycles of business life and that our body and its rhythms play a tremendous role in how we show up as business owners as well.
Now it’s time to dig a bit deeper and find out what solutions are out there to step back into our power.

How to stay in the flow – 3 powerful strategies!

So what to do when you feel stuck in your business and like nothing is moving forward anymore?

The target is to get back into the flow, right? That things are moving forward with ease again. That we finish our tasks joyfully. That new projects and customers approach us almost by themselves. Let’s have a look at how we can do that. Shall we?

Accept the ups and downs

The quicker you learn to accept the ups and downs of the business life as part of what you are doing, the easier it will be for you to get back into a flow-state.
Feeling stuck in your business does not mean that you are a bad entrepreneur. It does not mean that your business idea is wrong. This does not mean that there is no market. It simply means that you are not in the flow at the moment. 
This will happen to you again. And again. Because running a business as a women does not only mean success but also dealing with challenges and stagnation.
So accept that. Embrace it. And utilize it.
Probably it is time for some rest. Maybe you finally have time to focus on a different aspect of your business (or life!)? Potentially you can get something different out of this situation?

Some powerful questions that can help you deal with such phases better

  • What can I learn from this?
  • How can I utilize this feeling/situation to get closer to my goal?
  • What specific action do I need to take to move forward again?

Use your female super power

So we talked already about our hormonal cycle and that it holds some amazing power. This is how.
Our menstrual cycle usually takes between 21 and 35 days and is divided into four phases. Each phase is related to a specific hormonal influence. 
That means that every phase holds a special capability. If you learn to utilize your cycle you can tap into a new source of energy, focus, and inspiration.

Phase 1: Follicular phase (starts right after bleeding): Get creative & dream big!  

This phase is characterized by a lot of creative energy. In this phase, most female business owners are very open to new ideas and want to try new things. It is the perfect time if you want to start a new project for your business, brainstorm new ideas or plan the next steps.

Phase 2: Ovulation phase (around ovulation): Social butterfly!

The ovulation phase of your cycle is perfect for making new connections, reach out to potential clients, host workshops and pitch your ideas. Your communication skills are at the highest of all month and you are naturally irresistible (thank you, hormones!)

Phase 3: Luteal phase (after ovulation): Action, action, action!

During the luteal phase, your body has a lot of energy and is in execution mode. Most women entrepreneurs feel very productive during that phase, get a lot of work done and are able to focus easily on tasks. The right time to close projects, do administrative work and concentrate on tasks that require a lot of focus.

Phase 4: Menstruation phase (bleeding): Reflection.

During your period your right and left brain hemisphere are communicating very powerfully. You will be able to integrate logical and intuitive information and gain a great sense of clarity. The ideal time of the month to reflect on the past weeks. What is working? What needs to be changed? Are the priorities still the right ones? Are you in line with your overall mission?

Starting to pay attention to your hormonal phases can uplevel your business significantly. You will learn how to make use of the powerful phase and allow rest and slowness when your body needs it.

Be an amazing boss!

Running your own business comes with one perk that is unbeatable: being your own boss.
This does not only mean that you can go to yoga classes on a Tuesday afternoon and work in your pajamas, but it actually means that you have the unique opportunity to build your business around your needs.

Create a work environment that works for you

Often when we are off-flow it is actually our work environment that is not supporting us. Are you a person who needs a tidy desk? Do you flourish with candles, art, crystals, and plants around you? Do you need natural light or music in the background when working? What is your modus operandi? Working in small patches or focused over a couple of hours? Working alone or joining a team in a co-working space? Our work environment influences a lot how productive we are and how successfully we stay in the zone. Hence, make use of that and create a work environment that supports you as much as possible. 

Set your schedule based on your own rhythm

Being your own boss also means that you can set your own hours. Of course, there will be customer appointments, fixed dates (like for the tax declaration) and potentially office hours from stakeholders, but generally, you have a lot of flexibility in creating a schedule that works for you. Make use of that and create a work rhythm that follows your own rhythm. Plan tasks according to your biorhythm and meetings, planning sessions and creative work based on your hormonal phases.

Accept stagnation as part of your business plan

And most importantly, allow rest when you need it. If there are downsides, phases of slowness or resistance and things are simply not moving forward: accept what is and allow some quiet time until the flow is back. You will learn over time that the more you embrace those down-times, the faster they will pass. Resistance creates persistence and keeps you stuck for longer than necessary. Hence, simply go with the flow when you are missing the flow and trust that your mojo will come back soon. Use those phrases for reflection, resting and getting clear on your priorities. It is not uncommon that such phases end with a boost of clarity and motivation.

Powerful questions that can help you being the best boss

  • What times of the day/week/month am I most in my flow zone?
  • What do I need to feel inspired, productive and in the flow?
  • How can I turn stagnation into something beneficial for my business?

The ebbs and flows of business life can be exhausting, but they hold some beauty as well if we learn to use them to our advantage.

If you want to learn more about how to cultivate more flow in your business and private life, head over to our WomenAmbition community. Our platform is filled with tips on how to start and grow your business, expert talks on wellness and balanced business life, and an international community that will support you along the way. We can’t wait to see you there!