Meet the inspiring woman entrepreneur who is changing the game for women in tech, Katrina Walker!

Here at WomenAmbition we had the privilege to interview member Katrina Walker. Through this interview we learned about her amazing journey that lead her to begin her startup, CodeOp, which is Barcelona’s first all women coding school to help improve the number of women in tech!

When we asked Katrina why she joined WomenAmbition she said, “Women networks are powerful spaces that I find invaluable. I joined because CodeOp is my first venture and very often I have no clue what I am doing. Immersing myself with a network of women who are at various points of their journey enables me to layer my thinking with other thinkers for whom I respect.” Let’s learn more about Katrina Walker!

Katrina was born and raised in Silicon Valley and immigrated to Barcelona in 2016 to explore the rising tech scene from a data science perspective. Katrina holds a master of arts in cultural anthropology with a focus on gender and society from the California Institute of Integral Studies as well as a master of science in data science from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.

In 2017 she worked at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, during which she carried out a proof of concept for their pilot social analytics team. Prior to launching Barcelona’s first all women coding school, CodeOp, she worked on the central data science team at eDreams.

Katrina told us how she wasn’t necessarily encouraged to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) when she was in school. This led her to regret not choosing STEM at a younger age, but she eventually decided to follow her gut at age 30 and get into tech. Katrina said, “In August of 2018, I decided to quit my job as a data scientist and to take the leap of faith that I’d find a source of income through my venture within 3 months. I was scared and I had no idea what would happen. What happened? Literally, a couple weeks after I quit my job, we managed to find our first angel investor.”

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Like all women entrepreneurs Katrina faces challenges along her path. When asked what some of the difficulties that she has faced she told us, “Staying disciplined with healthy life habits. I am often consumed by work and if I am not working then I am exhausted by it. This will take some time to hack. Luckily my partner’s healthy habits rub off so that our lower bound on healthy habits is still respectable.”

She told us that one of the most important skills that she has acquired is finding wisdom in discomfort and value in difference. When we asked Katrina if she could think of a role model or someone who believed in her she responded with,

“I cannot locate one person in time, who is responsible for where I am today. Where I am today is due to a collection of forces, privilege, and luck that had some kind of cumulative effect.” 

Katrina is a great example of the inspiring women entrepreneurs we are serving here at WomenAmbition. She is a strong woman who trusted herself and pursued what made her happy. She admits that she may not always have the right answers, but she’s not afraid to keep pushing forward. In Katrina’s own words:

“Arriving to success is just a series of problem-solving moments. My ultimate goal in life has been to maximize two things: learning and stories to tell. If I am learning, it means that I am not stagnant; and if I am collecting stories it means that I am engaged with others and experiencing the unpredictable. If I can maximize these two things in a way that positively affects other lives’ then I might call it a success.”

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Author: Amber Back

Amber Back is studying Public Relations and Marketing at University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. She has spent her summer doing a marketing internship with WomenAmbition in Barcelona, Spain. Fun facts about Amber are that she has 2 amazing dogs (a pug and a mastiff), is a homebody (even though she came to Barcelona), and loves videography!