We have gotten a lot of feedback recently from new members who have never met our founder and want to learn more about our organization, why we exist, what do we have planned, what are we offering and more!

So, we decided to get personal with this post written by our founder, Kelly Rogan, on WomenAmbition’s journey and destination. Get ready to learn about the truth of entrepreneurship, honest confessions, challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and the future as we see it!

Barcelona women entrepreneurs


Humble Entrepreneur Beginnings 

When I was a little girl I never once thought about owning a company or starting a project. My parents worked stable jobs and I simply wanted to copy & paste their lifestyle into mine. I had a very pleasant childhood full of laughter, summer camps and doing my best to rebel against my parents. Once college came around I make a simple decision to go abroad and see the world. I had no idea where I wanted to go and frankly was scared to “look stupid” by going to any country that didn’t speak English. In the end I said what the heck let’s give Spain a try.

That was over 7 years ago. Fast forward through adventures, learnings… and challenges living & sustaining myself in Valencia, Athens and Madrid I finally ended up with a “real job” in none other than Barcelona. 

In this city I met someone who altered my path and opened my eyes to another lifestyle where work and play intertwine into one. Entrepreneurship

Within a year and a half I left the “real job” and took the unmarked road to grow a bootstrapped SaaS company becoming co-owner leading the growth into new markets.  I was over-confidant, loved a good challenge and highly optimistic about this new exciting path.

Fast forward to over 2 years full time growing this company, seeing big wins and learning more than I ever have. If you had seen me during this time chances are I seemed pretty okay, describing the exciting advancements and growth but inside my head was another story.


Houston, We Have A Problem

Entrepreneurship has become the coolest thing since sliced bread. The most likely phrase to hear when you tell someone you are an entrepreneur is “How cool! I’ve always wanted to start a project but haven’t had the time”. 

Entrepreneurs are idolized as these fearless and resilient innovators. We aspire to be them without knowing what it is really like to be them day in day out.

After years of this dealing with anxiety, stress and isolation I started to dig to see how many others can relate to this dark side of entrepreneurship.

Turns out I was far from alone. Not only could local entrepreneurs in Barcelona relate to my struggles but according to a recent study by the University of San Francisco researcher Michael A. Freeman found surprising statistics that shine the light on the dark side of entrepreneurship. 

Freeman’s research has shown that start-up founders are:

  • 2X as likely to suffer from depression
  • 6X more likely to suffer from ADHD
  • 3X more likely to suffer from substance abuse
  • 10X more likely to suffer from bipolar disorder
  • 2X as likely to have a psychiatric hospitalization
  • 2X as likely to have suicidal thoughts
  • 49% of entrepreneurs suffer from at least one form of mental health condition

With only 2.2% of VC funding going to female entrepreneurs in 2018, these statistics among women are only heightened having to deal with financial scarcity and limited resources.

This got me thinking. What causes all of this hardship in entrepreneurs, especially women and how can we work towards lowering these statistics? After research I discovered the top challenges faced by founders are: 

  1. Fear of Failure
  2. Lack of support
  3. Access to funding 
  4. Limited knowledge 
  5. Poor self-care & balance
  6. Being lonely 

Now we were getting somewhere. With the problem well defined the WomenAmbition team began mapping out a solution to improve wellness & success in female founders. 

It’s alive! WomenAmbition Community

As we started to build the WomenAmbition brand we defined our solution in the following blocks built around community:

  1. Women Entrepreneur Events
  2. Global Online Community for Founders

Women Entrepreneur Events 

The first solution we began offering in 2018 was events starting in Barcelona where our founder was located. These events are structured to offer attendees a safe place to relax, connect, learn and grow. We held monthly events in Barcelona, NYC and San Diego bringing in local entrepreneurs and experts to help our community learn from each other’s experiences and expertise. 

Since 2019 our events are being organized and run by local City Directors. These City Directors are instrumental to WomenAmbition’s mission to improve success and wellness in women entrepreneurs around the world. 

There are many key benefits to becoming a WomenAmbition City Director including free event trainings, marketing trainings & gold sponsorship of all local events, 80% of event profit, creation & management of local social accounts, free event promotion and much more! We are currently looking for:

  • San Diego City Director 
  • NYC City Director
  • Dubai City Director 
  • Barcelona Volunteers
  • Budapest Volunteers 

Apply to become a City Director or Volunteer today!

The current City Directors are Gina German in Budapest and Mirja Finstad in Barcelona. They help us to organize the local events in these cities by finding speakers, event space, volunteers and much more. Two inspiring women who are helping to empower local women to reach their full potential! 

Mirja Finstad: Barcelona City Director

“Currently living in BCN, made in Ibiza, mostly raised in Oslo, but about half of my life has been spent traveling around the world. Bachelor in Marketing Communication and PR management. Certified Project Manager and Rose Healer. For as long as I can remember, I have been seeking to the spiritual, and always wanting to learn more about that and the power of the human mind and body. For the past 6 years I ran my own Raw Vegan Cooking School. Before that, I worked as a snowboard and travel journalist, had my own DJ Management, was a Nightclub Manager, and worked in the fashion industry as a PR manager and model and in several TV/Film productions as Assistant Project Manager. Dec 2018 I closed the doors of my school and set off on a journey to “find my soul purpose”. After an 8 week long journey through the magical lands of the Mayas in Belize, Guatemala and Mexico I decided to follow in the steps of my godmother, and work in the spiritual field. Now, I am finally ready to start sharing my knowledge and gifts to help others live their best life by being a Spiritual Wellness Coach & Healer. 

I am offering coaching through conversations & intuitive emotional energy healing using Crystals, Roses, Singing bowls and Essential Oils. And I specialize in Breakups, Grief, Self love, Stress release, Insomnia, Headaches, Stomach aches, Chakra balancing and Aura cleansing. I also offer plant-based eating plans. And I host Moon Ceremonies and Women Circles. On the side I am city director of WA which is an honor because I love sisterhood – the concept of women supporting each other instead of hating on and being jealous of each other. Women are SO strong, yet we tend to doubt our strengths and greatness. But when we support and inspire each other, we become super humans.”

Gina German: Budapest City Director

“Budapest based crazy cat lady with a passion for planning and organizing. Currently working as a project manager in the field of supply chain, always looking for process improvement and opportunities to learn something new. I love to be surrounded by strong, brave and ambitious women with a “go for it” attitude, having meaningful and deep conversations are giving me just as much energy as a sweaty gym-session. I am all about sports and healthy lifestyle, but if a charming cake comes around I won’t reject it, because hey…Life is short, you must enjoy it. Excited about travel, self-coaching, sustainable fashion, meeting with new people and get to know new cultures. You will find me spending my free-time reading in a park, walking around in my neighborhood as I am a first-time visitor or chatting with friends over coffee or dinner about the big things in life.”

Global Online Community for Founders


women networking


The WomenAmbition Online Community was built to bring support, inspiration and education to women founders from all over the world. The platform allows us to add coaching webinars, mastermind groups, online courses, polls and much more to improve the startup journey. 

The membership is split into three stages: Seed (pre-launch), Plant (launch) & Grow (scale). Each option is built to help women entrepreneurs in these specific stages by providing solutions to tackle their unique challenges:

  • Seed: Feeling lost unsure where to begin
    • Inspiration from other founders 
    • Webinars with experts and entrepreneurs 
    • Connections with other members
  • Plant: Feeling overwhelmed unsure how to progress
    • Education to gain needed skills 
    • Coaching webinars to gain direction
    • Accountability teams 
  • Grow: Feeling stress to scale the company
    • Custom Mastermind groups
    • Individual Coaching sessions 
    • Mentor program access
    • Investor program access
    • PR program access 

Discover all of our member benefits and options here. 


What’s Next for WomenAmbition? 

Moving forward WomenAmbition will continue on its journey to improve wellness and success in women entrepreneurs around the world in various ways including: 

Expanding Female Founder Events

We will reach new cities around the world to create meaningful connections while helping each other grow. We will also start to offer larger events to help increase the impact and reach bringing in investors, mentors and industry leaders. Apply to bring WomenAmbition events to your city now!

Grow the Online Entrepreneur Community

The online community allows us to reach and connect female founders all around the world. Through this platform we will be adding new courses, live programs, events, webinars, coaching session and much more! When you join our Grow Membership you’ll gain access to custom built mastermind groups, PR opportunities, investors in addition to all of the online courses and programs. Join the online community for free! 

Female Founded Businesses Awareness

We want to promote YOU and your business. To do this we are building partnerships with some of the world’s best media outlets to share your content in addition to promoting members and building traffic through our own channels including the website, social media channels and a new podcast channel. Helping you grow & maintain wellness is our top priority. You can apply for PR opportunities through our Grow Membership Group. 

Boost Investment in Women Entrepreneurs

We are working with local and global investors to organize pitching sessions to increase the number of funded female founders. You can apply for these pitching sessions to meet investors through the Grow Membership Group.