You are a female entrepreneur, rocking your business! Bursting with ideas. Reaching out to new clients. Producing great content, and you can’t wait to connect with more people at this upcoming networking event. Things are going really well.

But then, from one day to the other: nothing anymore!
A total block.
Rien ne va plus.
All inspiration, motivation and drive gone.
Challenges everywhere, you feel stuck.
Sounds familiar?
Our WomenAmbition October theme is all about “Go with the Flow”.
So let’s explore the entrepreneurial flow together. Shall we?

Being a female entrepreneur is a rollercoaster ride.

There are days and weeks when things run smoothly and our business is moving forward.
But in between there are those phases where we cannot see any progress, feel down, doubt our path and question everything we are doing.

We can assure you: this is normal. So normal.
Experiencing phases of stagnation is part of being a business owner.
Feeling stuck is something that every single female entrepreneur will experience. You won’t be able to avoid it. But there are some things we can do to move out of that phase quicker and get back into the flow.
Before we have a look at how we can do this, it is important to understand a couple of things:

Businesses are subject to constant change

Although there are some business ideas out there that have been successful for centuries already (takeaway food, for example), change is the only constant in the business world. Customer preferences change (gluten-free pizza, anyone?). Trends come and go (wasn´t bubble tea a big thing not too long ago?). The change of seasons plays a role (mulled wine in summer?!). And so does the global economic situation (caviar canapes vs. hot dogs times). After every up there must come a down, eventually. Every boom is followed by a recession, at some point. Hence, if you are a female business owner you will simply have to get used to the idea that what worked the one day might not work the next day anymore. That after a phase of success there might follow a phase of stillstand.

Humans are not steady either

And if a volatile business environment would not be enough, there is something else that plays a role in how successfully we run our business on a day to day basis. Our biorhythm.
Our bodies have an internal clock that determines when we are at peak performance and when our energy levels lower. Some people have their strongest phase early in the morning, others get really creative and active at night. This is a very individual thing and a lot of women are not aware of the natural rhythm of their bodies. 
Particularly for those women who stick more or less to a 9-5 schedule (eg. because still working in a day-job), this can be challenging.
If we are forced to work in a schedule that does not correspond to our natural physical ups and downs it will be hard to stay in the flow.

Let’s avoid that!

Women have their own, unique rhythm

On top of our daily biorhythm, we women are subject to another pattern as well: our hormonal cycle. Particularly in a (still) male-dominated business world that is something we often forget. More and more research shows that our cyclic phase can have an impact on how we process information, how creative we are and how much energy we have at our disposal. Sounds like we female entrepreneurs are defenselessly controlled by our hormones? Only if we don’t know how to utilize our cycle! With some awareness and the right strategy, this monthly undertaking can turn into a real superpower!

Learn to ride the wave: female entrepreneur – style!

As you can see, stagnation and resistance is a normal process in big scale (the world we live in) and small scale (our body). We won’t be able to completely avoid feeling stuck, but we can learn how to deal with this state better. Understanding the natural ebbs and flows of business life, our energy levels, productivity, and motivation is the first step.

In our next article, we will have a look at 3 powerful strategies for female entrepreneurs to get back into your flow-state! Stay tuned!

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